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Honda Civic 2017 vs. 2015: What’s the Difference?


Considering that over the last couple of years there has been a significant increase in car buying habits towards SUVs, the Honda Civic has defied this trend by offering a new hatchback look, and for the EX-T five-door, a new six-speed manual transmission. The 2017 models span insurance groups 15 - 22, and tax groups B - H, with fuel consumption as low as 60 miles per gallon.

Honda Civic Prices in the UK

The 2015 models were priced between £18,635 - £24,820, whereas the slightly more expensive 2017 new Honda Civic 5 door versions start at £18,475 and go up to £27,550. Do the 2017 prices reflect the value of the offered upgrades, over the merits of the 2015 model? We’ve created a close comparison between old and new to find out.

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Civic Exterior design provides a streamlined look


Although it bares a strong resemblance to previous models, one of the most noticeable differences to the outside design of the 2017 Honda Civic is a more streamlined exterior and a lower profile, rivaling those of other compact car manufacturers of similar engine size and handling. The differences to the front and back of the car are also significant. The 2017 version has been designed with larger air intakes at the front and narrow front grilles. The wider rear tailgate provides easier loading and unloading, and a larger boot capacity to make luggage storage and transportation of large items easier.

Honda Civic boot space and interior features

Honda Civic bootspace

The 2015 Honda Civic was noted for its well-constructed and comfortable interior. The most notable new features of the 2017 Honda Civic model are the improved digital dial illumination, leather steering wheel, and alloy pedals. The 2017 Honda Civic's boot space allows for larger luggage transit. The five-door, for example, offers 478 litres of space, which is a litre up on the 2016 version. It also has 60:40 split folding rear seats to further increase the storage capacity of the vehicle. The 2017 interiors have been designed with greater legroom and headroom, as well as an opening glass roof for a panoramic view.

Buttons on the steering wheel allow drivers to view important messages and notifications, enhanced from the 2015 models. The new brake hold capability stops the car moving without the need to apply the parking brake or using the brake pedal, which is useful for stop-start traffic. Climate control has also been redesigned so that the front passenger and driver get different temperature settings to suit their preferences.

Honda Civic interior 2017 vs 2015

Mechanicals offer both economy and power

While the 2015 Honda Civic offered three engine set ups, the 2017 model offers four engines on most models – the 129PS VTEC Turbo 6MT, 129PS VTEC Turbo CVT, 182PS VTEC Turbo 6MT, and the 182PS VTEC Turbo CVT. The 2017 boasts new turbocharged units, which claim power and economy as the two most important features. The 182PS 1.5VTEC TURBO provides a more powerful drive, whereas the 129PS 1.0 VTEC TURBO is designed to be more fuel-efficient. Both claim to balance sports performance with economy.

The new six-speed manual gearbox allows stronger driving control over the 2015’s five-speed version. There is also a new seven-speed CVT automatic transmission, offering more relaxation on longer drives. The steering wheel comes with mounted paddles to change gear, so you get the option of using the wheel instead of the gearbox.

Features and technology provide enhanced safety and suspension

The biggest leap in technology came between the 2015 and 2016 Honda Civic versions, with the adaptive cruise control and lane keep assist just two of the many powerful features to upgrade the Civic in line with other compact cars. With the addition of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in the 2016 model, the 2017 model also comes with an AHA audio player to connect to music stations and podcasts. When the car is not in use, you can also watch films via HDMI.

Safety features have been grouped under Honda Sensing Technology, with added features such as Traffic Sign Recognition. The Honda Civic 2017 model also claims to use improved technology in suspension.

Driver experience enhanced through agility

The new Civic models undoubtedly provide a strong road position, and smooth driving experience. One of the most predominant features of the 2015 model is its comfort and sturdy construction. The 2017 models claim to have been technically reconsidered to improve the car’s agility, and it certainly offers an ergonomic driving position and a feeling of control. The new model boasts improved suspension too, with a Multi-Link system on the rear and a MacPherson strut set-up at the front.

Acclaimed safety features

The 2017 Honda Civic safety has been rated five stars overall by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, scoring five stars in each category. This is a significant improvement on the 2015 model, which although received an overall rating of five stars, scored four stars in areas such as frontal crash and rollover.

The 2016 Civic boasted advanced safety features ranging from lane assist, intelligent speed limiting, collision mitigation braking system, lane keep assist, and road departure mitigation. These all remain in the 2017 model and have all been improved with Honda Sensing technology for 2017. Honda claims this is their safest car yet.

New for 2017 is the Traffic Sign Recognition system, which interprets traffic signs and displays this for you via a visual display. This combines with the existing adjustable speed limiter function to automatically set the speed limit.

Adaptive cruise control maintains a set cruising speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you, as well as detecting if a vehicle cuts in front of you; it will slow you down accordingly.

What does the 2017 Honda Civic offer over the 2015 model?

The 2017 Civic offers a more spacious and safer driving experience than the 2015 version, with:

• New features adapted from the 2016 version to initiate a further leap forward in safety technology, rivaling those of other leading manufacturers.
• A sportier look and feel, and overall larger storage space.
• In terms of comfort, particularly during long journeys, a more pleasant and personalised driving experience, with the use of the enhanced entertainment features.
• More space for taller drivers or passengers.
• Improved suspension technology also claims to provide greater control.

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