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Step 1
  • Browse Online

  • Choose Your Car

    Explore hundreds of high-quality, low-mileage vehicles on, with quality, used vehicles added every week. All vehicles pass a through 120 inspection and come with a comprehensive warranty and a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can feel confident you’re getting a great car even if you opt to purchase entirely online.

  • Start Your Purchase

    Click “Start Your Purchase” and create an account on to save future information and purchase details.

  • Choose How to pay

    Finance with JT Hughes and we make the hard part easy. We partner with a select number of finance providers to ensure you get the right rate. You can also pay with cash or finance with your provider if you prefer.

  • Tell Us About Your Part-Exchange

    If you want to trade in your current vehicle, get a fast, easy appraisal by giving us some basic details about your vehicle. This will give us even more information to be able to structure the right deal for you.

Step 2
  • Make It Yours

  • Part-Exchange or Buy Outright

    Choose if you are going to trade in your current vehicle, or buy it out right. Depending on your choice, follow the instructions online, provide the details and confirm. While you confirming the order, we’ll hold your vehicle for 24 hours. This ensures no else can buy the vehicle while you finalise the contract details.

  • Apply For Finance

    Apply for finance using our online finance application. Follow the instructions online, and when your finance application has been approved, confirm your order.

Step 3
  • Delivery

  • Get it delivered or Pick it up

    Plan for delivery : With your confirmed finance application, choose the delivery option and confirm the order. If you have opted to pickup your vehicle from a JT Hughes dealership, you will be notified when to arrive and what to bring with you.

  • Meet Your New Car

    Your vehicle will typically arrive within 10 days of purchase, though sometimes it can take longer. We transport your car right to your home.

  • 14 days guarantee

    During the 14-day money back guarantee period, you may request to cancel your order and the return of the car to us, provided you have not damaged the car or drive more than 250 miles during the 14-day money back guarantee period.

For Seller

Step 4
  • Get Your Price

  • Tell Us About Your Vehicle

    Provide basic information about your vehicle including your license plate or VIN, mileage and condition. JT Hughes online buying system gives you an instant price for your vehicle based on your description and data from thousands of similar transactions.

  • Get Your Instant Price

    We’ll give you an instant price for your vehicle that is good for the earlier of 7 days or 250 additional miles. If we’re unable to calculate an instant price, one of our car-buying experts will email you a price typically within the same day.

  • Book a Physical Appraisal

    Book a physical appraisal online and bring your vehicle to your preferred JT Hughes dealership in shrewsbury, Telford or Newtown..

  • Get Paid

    Once our part exchange specialist have appriased your vehicle and confirmed it meets the online valuation, we will process your payment via electronic transfer.

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