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URGENTLY WANTED: Freelance blog writers / reporters – (must live in Shropshire).

freelance writers from Shropshire required

Experienced old hand, ambitious student, undiscovered talent. Whoever you are, if you have a burning urge to write engaging content for a successful Shropshire blog, then this is your big chance.

JT Hughes is a highly successful Honda, Mitsubishi and Hyundai dealership group based in Shropshire and Mid-Wales. The JT Hughes Blog is our way to engage with the public by providing fresh; Shropshire focused, content.

The blog has 20,000 subscribers. It is increasing daily, and our ambition is to grow this further and faster. The reason readers love our blog is because we produce content which is relevant and local to them. Our writing team concentrates exclusively on Shropshire and Mid Wales issues which other local media don’t cover.

New talent wanted

We are looking to boost our existing pool of blog writers and contributors with keen and enthusiastic new talent. We are seeking innovative, high-energy freelance writers/reporters with excellent news judgment and strong writing skills. You will be capable of mining and analyzing data to produce exclusive investigative stories (all relevant to Shropshire and Mid Wales).

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What we don't want.

We are not interested in ‘hard sell’ content, new car test drives reviews, or syndicated stories of the latest Honda, Hyundai or Mitsubishi model to be launched. We have enough of these writers so on this occasion if you're a petrol head, we'll pass thanks.

So what do we want?

That’s easy.

We are looking for content that is fresh, helpful, innovative, newsworthy, has a good story behind it and is relevant exclusively to Shropshire and Mid Wales - Anything from accident black spots in Shropshire, rip-off car parks, great Sunday drives or even the experience of the school run. We want dedicated contributors with imagination and talent.

For instance, take the ‘pothole problem’. Could you find a new angle on this perennial topic? Are you the sort of person who could identify a particular black spot, count and measure the holes, bang on doors and interview residents? Could you investigate the issues behind the problem? Is it getting worse and why? Who is responsible for fixing it? How much are we spending? What new technology could help in the future?

We want grafters who are not afraid to do the legwork and write up the results in an engaging and entertaining way. If it affects Shropshire motorists, we want it to feature on the JT Hughes blog. Your focus will be on producing unique Shropshire-related news angles, with a bias towards motoring and transport, which you initiate, research and write.

You will work with our marketing agency, sharing knowledge on research and supporting data, to build strong evidence for groundbreaking stories. This is not a full or part-time job opportunity. However, if you want to boost your income, using your writing skills and creative thinking ability, and have a nose for a good Shropshire story and the time, then this is the opportunity for you.


Main criteria: it has to be very, very good! We don’t publish rubbish.

  • 100% original content only, never published anywhere.
  • Minimum 1500 words.
  • Posts have to be well-researched practical and related to Shropshire & Powys and free from school level grammar errors.
  • Every claim needs to be backed up with a link to a research or named source confirming it and permission to publish.
  • Break up your copy into readable/scannable chunks. Use subheadlines, bullet points, and numbers lists when possible, and break up paragraphs that are longer than 5-6 lines.

How to apply.

Email: enquiries@positiveadvertising.com why you think we should consider you as a regular contributor and some suggested topics (or an exposé), and we will be in touch.


Paul higley More than 6 years ago
Can I be honest on topics such as police,council government and europe
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