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Revealed: Shropshire's worst accident black spots (Infographic)

Disclaimer: Please note, 2014 road accident figures are the most up-to-date statistics provided by the Department for Transport (Road Safety Statistics, Statistics Travel and Safety). 2015 statistics for local authorities will be available from September 2016.

It's a well-documented fact human error accounts for 90% of road accidents. As one reader pointed out when this post was promoted on social media - "Accidents are collisions (ACCIDENT) is implying no one is at fault, most collisions are avoidable".

Shropshire offers motorists some of the finest driving experiences as highlighted in our previous article, the 10 best driving roads in Shropshire. However, the county’s network of roads and lanes includes a small number of accident blackspots where it pays to exercise even greater caution to reduce the chance of becoming yet another statistic.

It is worth bearing in mind that there may be no obvious danger signs in these locations – a blind bend, the brow of a hill or a concealed entrance, for example; sometimes, the safest looking roads can prove to be among the most lethal. The below infographic highlights the most prominent accident blackspots in the county of Shropshire:

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Pete More than 6 years ago
Will - perhaps if the impatient drivers were more patient or used the m54 we would all be a bit safer. Think on it... ;-)
Jim Angus More than 6 years ago
Roads are not dangerous...... the way we drive can be. If a road has potential hazards we should drive in a way that reflects this. Driver rider error is the main contributory factor in road crashes.
Carl More than 6 years ago
I'm not to sure what Honda and Peugeot have to do with this issue. I have been a Honda driver for 20 years ( which I purchased from JT Hughes Honda) and have not had a single accident. These statistics are obviously down to poor drivers which this article does acknowledge in the first sentence. The reporter should highlight the appalling state of the roads in Shropshire as we are turning into pothole city.
Will More than 6 years ago
this is complete nonsense! It's more a map of incompitence. Do you know why the A5 has so many crashes? It is because Honda, Peugoet and other excriment box drivers drive bellow an acceptable speed for that MASSIVE, STRAIGHT road, thus making normal people who have more interesting, busy lives soo enraged that they overtake, sometimes in the wrong place.
Stuart Parr More than 6 years ago
Most people don't understand metric so metrification does matter, it has an impact on road safety. Pretty much all official statistics are in metric nowadays because they're usually for EU statistical programmes or come from EU directives. It's why you see vans limited to 62mph (100kph) and site speed limits of 6mph or 12mph through roadworks (10kph or 20kph). The EU collates an enormous quantity of statistics and they all have to be measured and reported in the same way which is why everything is measures in kilometers, kilos, hectares, etc.
Brenda Evans More than 6 years ago
Kilometers or miles who cares! It's really interesting to read and I good cause. You should also write about the potholes in Shropshire and put pressure on local council to get their act together.
Jason Lowrey More than 6 years ago
It's about time someone highlighted the death traps of our county's roads. Well done jT Hughes!!!
Maurice Blencowe More than 6 years ago
On your map,why do you persists, like many others, in quoting,kilometres,as we use miles to drive in UK? Our vehicles are calibrated in miles and very few UK drivers think in kilometres ,even whilst on the Continent.Please use miles only.
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